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Spatial Motion

Iris will move (you)!

She works on the public side of architecture. She works on museum exhibitions, decor designs, events, but also interventions in the city or landscape. It is mainly about an experience. Spatial designs that makes a connection between people and their environment or people mutually. With this philosophy she makes designs that are modular, experimental, people and environmentally friendly.

She has a beta approach, researching where she tends to find inspiration in nature, science and materials to build a concept or to work out a project. Social interaction is its main goal, from person to person, from person to space or from person to object. All this comes together in motion.


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What do you do?

Always a hard question in the field of design. Generally, Spatial motion designs space, but we have the tendency to specify this.
Experience & interaction designer maybe suits what we do, since the goal of every project is to create a relation between human and space (movement physically and psychological). It’s about a spatial experience, in the form of an exhibition, stand-, shop- or set-design. But perhaps this experiance can also be created at a festival or on public streets. Since we consider everything arround us to be architecture.

How do you like to do that?

Generally we start with a project with inspiration and research, like duh!
We want to support concepts rationally, but don’t want to lose the instinctively feelings about a project. The next step is making the interaction with both the environment and the user of the space or object possible. The combination and communication of material, color and shape are crucially important to me in this fase. Also because people should get the freedom to use designs instinctively and not forced. This proces doesn’t stop by the realisation of the project. Working on drawings or actually building the design should be part of the proces, where there is still possibility to reflect on what actually happens in real life with your design. This is because I hope to learn more about the routing and flow but also ‘genius loci’ of a space. Because we think these aspects are very important for the useability of a design.
Interact with people or society is key to develop on all subjects (concept and development).




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