Vrijmetselarij museum Den Haag

This project is a design collaboration between: DEFRAME, Pillar games, Meta Menkveld Ontwerp and Spatial Motion https://youtu.be/-NExrgBMuik "Waar licht is, is focus." (freely translated: 'Have the light guide your focus') A concept based on the vision of Freemasonry to develop a temporary exhibition space in the Cultural Masonic Center 'Prins Frederik' in [...]

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Zegels & Pegels

In collaboration with Meta Menkveld: From May 16 to August 18, 2018, Fonds 1818 presents 'Zegels&Pegels' (Stamps & Pegs), an interactive exhibition for the whole family about the rich history of the typicly 'Haagse Nutsspaarbank' and the Fonds1818. It is exactly two hundred years ago that this savings [...]

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Cherry Blossom house transformation

Cherry blossom house This project is the research and transformation of an already existing architectural project. The Cherry Blossom house was a very small conceptual house that was all about admiring the blossom three. There was one small block with a closet, bathroom and kitchen block built in, on top [...]

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Whispering Stones

Whispering Stones A collaboration project with Lieke Vernooy, Jasmijn Muskens, Fabienne van Steensel and Irene Wu. Together we wanted to break the tunnel vision of the passersby in the Holland Spoor area. In order to do so, we had to grab their attention from their daily routine [...]

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Jelly Piano

The Jelly Piano is part of the Mobile Poster assignment that I wanted to be about ‘pars pro toto’. This is working together, to get stronger, acting interdisciplinary and being part of the bigger picture. Work with new mediums and quirky materials to get triggered by the moment. It can work as [...]

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