3D-puzzle of the Adult Playground

The square I chose as an location is named after Helena van Doeveren, who founded a home for elderly couples, which was later renovated into a hospital. This building is now has been replaced by a school. Embracing this past, I sought a way to build a playground for all ages. A place where people can play, sport and test their mental strength. To take care of themselves and each other.

You don’t get adults to play as easy as children, even though it is with good intentions.
 A 3D-puzzle is a more accessible way for adults to play. And if you make it bigger than human-size, it can also be used to exercise and to stay fit, some form of playing more accessible for adults.
A 3D-puzzle that creates several possibilities for furniture- and sport equipment. Pulling the pieces apart, just sit on them and relax or let them embrace you.
Free to use however you want, encouraging everybody to move.