LEAVE ME is a project on the station square at The Hague Central station. A place to say hello or goodbye. Three leaf-shaped pavilions – To Come Or Leaf… Leave 😉
Placed on pathways of most pedestrians at The Hague Central station square. Separated from their normal environment, as if they have just fallen from a tree. A light, organic but strong construction that gives you a fairytale-like feeling. In contrast with the rigid, box-like modern architecture surrounding the square and involve the nature of Haagse bos (The Hague forest) next to the station square more than before.
To walk underneath it feels like you are shrinking all of a sudden, to the size of a small ant that wants to find shelter underneath these leaves. It’s open, easy to enter, but enclosed and protective at the same time.
The square is filled with three pavilions, three is the natural unity and gives the interaction
to the three functions that they provide.
An Information center with tourist information, a gallery and a meeting point, all of them are equally important.