Eat, sleep, live and repeat.
Having rhythm in your life gives a certain stability, it also extends your conscious brain’s capacity, so you spend less time on how to eat, sleep and other life essential routines. We don’t need to be living in the moment for those.
Having these necessities in a rhythm creates more ‘brain-space’ to think about other things that you enjoy thinking about.
But living life too much in a continuous cycle, it soon becomes a rut. If there are no new impulses coming in anymore, you become unhappy. You will become more conscious of the rut you’re in, which makes your day seem to go slower, you’ll notice every detail you dislike of the day and it will possibly affect your tolerance .That is why I want to create a wall that helps you to find balance.
On normal week days it reminds you when it’s time to eat, or time to sleep. The wall in that particular room will glow up with a slow pulsating faded light, this ‘impulse’ will intuitively guide you to stay in your rhythm.
On weekend days to break the rhythm (to stay happy and surprised), the wall will pulsate an unpleasant fast flickering light during the times that you normally eat or sleep, to trigger you to do something else than normal. To find a unique happy, “in the moment”–experience that will create a pleasant affordance with time (referring to Gilles Deleuze theory). Figuring out that you have been doing what you love for a while now, not wasting a lot of time on routines, but spending a lot of time with friends for example. Or that you suddenly find out that while you normally have your breakfast, the neighbours’ cat does funny tricks on the garden fence, or you realise a way more effective way of making breakfast.