Claudia Linders, Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova

This Morphology Lab investigates various notions of (un)controlled growth. Each student focused on extracting a set of principles based on their inspiration, ranging from flock movements, weathering of sand particles, formation of stalactites and crystals, rationalisation of landscape. These investigations are the basis for the creation of new three-dimensional structures, for which they embrace an intuitive methodology of physical experimentation with materials and techniques. During BACK STAGE ON STAGE students of the Morph Lab demonstrate the ongoing research process, offering a dynamic presentation to the visitors.

My personal project was about:

“Do not work against weathering but with weathering,
controle the uncontrolled.”
“Niet werken tegen verwering maar met verwering, het ongecontroleerde controleren.”

Weathering is the uncontrolled designer of earth. It’s what created our landscape.
How can we control and maybe use this natural transformation of material. Here I am discovering how weathering can become beautiful instead of fighting it.
The history of a facade could be showed by shape, texture and ‘pureness’, it can tell a story.

Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova

Students of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design:
Bert Bouwman, Anouk van Deuzen, Iris Erkelens, Michèle Groenewegen, Marjolein de Groot, Vyasa Koe, Bianca Meilof, Tommy de Moor, Lisa Nieuwenhuizen, Chrissy Ramaekers, Kristel ter Steege & Lisa Vugteveen