This project is the research and transformation of an already existing architectural project. The Cherry Blossom house was a very small conceptual house that was all about admiring the blossom three. There was one small block with a closet, bathroom and kitchen block built in, on top of the block was a small bunkbed-type sleeping area, which didn’t look very comfortable. Of course the concept stayed the same, but I changed the design to a more livable and more romantic house by turning the bathroom- kitchen-block 45 degrees to give more space to the kitchen side, that now opens to the living room, and thereby also creating a more private space for the bathroom.
Another choice was to lift up the bed to another floor to create a real room for it. To make this gesture more in line of the ground floor I made an angle in the glass facade.
And to communicate the more romantic building I added the gray- ish blue on the block. To still show that next to the block, this house is very compact in its functions.