Section drawing J.C. van Wijk and H. Wesstra, source: Bouwkundig weekblad orgaan van de Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst, foto: Iris Erkelens, collection: KB


Because the Haagse Passage, the oldest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands (1885), exists 135 years this year. I was asked to research this special monumental building with all it’s events, adventures and people within. Next to researching I was of course also involved in the concept and design of these special stories and moments on the website and in an anniversary book together with Veerle Hoefnagel and Meta Menkveld. In the course of this year, parts of this research will always be published in the form of messages on the website and on social media, but also in the documentary and a book. Therefore follow the website of ‘de Passage’ for more info.

De Passage was opened on the 4th of May 1885. This year De Passage has now reached 135 years of age!

More info about the history of ‘De Passage’ the oldest shoppingcentre of the Netherlands: