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archetype Bowl

This architypical bowl is a morphology assignment where she experimented on what plastic could do.  Fragility is one of the keywords she used designig it. By making a product picture using rice and the tumbeled position of the bowl itself it amplifies.



What if you suddenly shrunk and became only 50 centimeters tall? What would you encounter? For me the first question that came up was ‘would we be more social and helpful to each other then we are right know?’. During a project week titled, [...]


Whispering Stones

A collaboration project with Lieke Vernooy, Jasmijn Muskens, Fabienne van Steensel and Irene Wu. Together we wanted to break the tunnel vision of the passersby in the Holland Spoor area. In order to do so, we had to grab their attention from their daily routine to the [...]


Jelly Piano

The Jelly Piano is part of the Mobile Poster assignment that I wanted to be about ‘pars pro toto’. This is working together, to get stronger, acting interdisciplinary and being part of the bigger picture. Work with new mediums and quirky materials to get triggered by the moment. It can work as [...]


Circadian Cycles

Eat, sleep, live and repeat. Having rhythm in your life gives a certain stability, it also extends your conscious brain’s capacity, so you spend less time on how to eat, sleep and other life essential routines. We don’t need to be living in the moment for those.
Having these necessities in [...]


(UN)Controled Weathering

BACK STAGE ON STAGE Claudia Linders, Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova This Morphology Lab investigates various notions of (un)controlled growth. Each student focused on extracting a set of principles based on their inspiration, ranging from flock movements, weathering of sand particles, formation of stalactites and crystals, rationalisation of landscape. These investigations are the [...]



In this material research I searched for a way to capture the beauty of one of the most common vegetables, the onion. The onion has a very beautiful structure, form and texture. It’s a beautiful and complex system of layers, but we barely notice this in our daily use [...]

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