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Research and Experiments – Spatial motion

reseach projects and subprojects

de Passage 135 year anniversary

Section drawing J.C. van Wijk and H. Wesstra, source: Bouwkundig weekblad orgaan van de Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst, foto: Iris Erkelens, collection: KB     Because the Haagse Passage, the oldest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands (1885), exists 135 years this year. I was asked to research this special monumental building with [...]

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The RedDoor is a research project based on a philosophical text by Deleuze, read and discussed in my elective Aleph. Affordances is a term that describes the bubble between human & object, human & human or human & space. It is an indescribable relationship that is [...]

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30 x 30 This spatial study was an exercise for the perception of space. There is not much to say besides that I have chosen the materials and lighting to accentuate the shape and space and therefore it mainly concerns atmosphere. The work is about sensing, not considering function [...]

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(UN)Controled Weathering

BACK STAGE ON STAGE Claudia Linders, Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova This Morphology Lab investigates various notions of (un)controlled growth. Each student focused on extracting a set of principles based on their inspiration, ranging from flock movements, weathering of sand particles, formation of stalactites and crystals, rationalisation of landscape. These investigations are the [...]

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