Zegels & Pegels

  In collaboration with Meta Menkveld: From May 16 to August 18, 2018, Fonds 1818 presents 'Zegels&Pegels' (Stamps & Pegs), an interactive exhibition for the whole family about the rich history of the typicly 'Haagse Nutsspaarbank' and the Fonds1818. It is exactly two hundred years [...]


Louis Couperus Museum

Sunday, May 6, 2018 - Sunday, May 13 2018 Phantasmagoria in Louis Couperus Museum Iris is a young artist. She works with installations and creates experiences in public spaces. The 'Phantasmagoria' of Iris contains images - real and as if in a dream - about Indonesian heritage and The Hague. Her grandfather [...]



This was my first experience with making pots on a turning table. I got inspired by the movement on the disc itself and wanted to work with that, as well as learning the traditional skill of turning. Mixing glazes and making the pots unsymmetrical made a dynamic and diverse collection. [...]


Leave Me

THE ‘LEAVE ME’ -PAVILIONS LEAVE ME is a project on the station square at The Hague Central station. A place to say hello or goodbye. Three leaf-shaped pavilions - To Come Or Leaf… Leave ;) Placed on pathways of most pedestrians at The Hague Central station square. Separated from their [...]



3D-puzzle of the Adult Playground The square I chose as an location is named after Helena van Doeveren, who founded a home for elderly couples, which was later renovated into a hospital. This building is now has been replaced by a school. Embracing this past, I sought a way to build [...]

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